Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shell kills off the Green

I'm a greenie. I've always been and was kind of getting to the point of being lazy about it. After all. Everyone is green now. So I was feeling like, 'it's okay' I can relax a bit. After all, even the oil companies are seeing sense.

Well the fights back on!!

Shell have just announced that they are dropping all investments in alternative energy. Because it's not profitable enough. Nonsense!! Solar power technology is really coming into it's own and is increasing in efficiency at a rapid rate. The danger is more likely that alternative energies are threatening to actually replace their oil products.

In the process of their "previous efforts" to go 'green' and invest in the process' of green energy technologies, they will have filed many patents for technologies that would make the world a better place.

That's a bit sneaky really. They had the cooperation of people who really believed in what they were doing. The finest minds throwing themselves and their ideas into the pot in order to liberate the world and improve the environment. Now those technologies are bottled up. Captured, where they can't do any good.

People who would like to take up where Shell left off will be unable to, without getting badly sued. Unless they are in China that is, because China doesn't respect copyright that much.

I, for one, will be avoiding all Shell products (where possible) and purchasing alternatives.

Here's the entire article:

There is only one word for this and unfortunately it's derogatory.

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