Sunday, June 18, 2006

Flea Market

It's flea market time.
Every June in Paris and around the city there are flea markets which last one day and don't come again for another year. The best has to be around Nation in the centre of Paris but the local one here in Champs sur Marne is pretty good too. Everyone who lives in the village is offered a stand where they can sell off their collections, oddments or things that they don't have the room for anymore. It's really interesting to see what people have been hoarding in their houses. Sometimes you come across a real gem.

The image on the left is the view of the local chateau where some social events take place but mostly it's a museum. Great gardens.

The middle image is of a group of neighbours sharing lunch in the front of their house while people view their stall.

On the right is a woman shading a curious buyer with her green umbrella. Her colour coordination and the light just made this a photo worth posting.

You can enlarge by clicking on the image.

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