Saturday, October 20, 2007

FIAC 2007

This Year Fiac was hampered by the massive strike by the RATP. Despite this, FIAC was very well attended. All trains, metro, bus and RER were out on strike. There was literally no transport for either Thursday or Friday in or around Paris. Amazingly the Parisians didn't take offense despite the serious inconvenience. Instead they got onto their bikes, into their cars or put on their walking shoes and got on with it. There is an enormous amount of sympathy for the strikers and people believe that tolerating the events is for the greater good. Powerful attitude! The French are great at acting on principle or putting a concept before personal desires.


Cedric Benetti said...

great video! Well done, I never tried the Blogger video tool...

My picture post will be up soon, but I need to make a picture choice (took 580 pictures of it)

I*ll build in a link to your blog as well, since I*m reorganizing my links bar

hope to see you again soon!

(PS: post some pictures of your 36 children!)

Tom J. Byrne said...

Hi Cedric
There are only 26 children. All those triplets etc but it's quiet confusing as they move about so fast, perhaps there are more. I'm not really sure of all their names to be honest and often refer to them as my little angels. These triplets look very alike.