Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saviour II

To see this painting in real life, visit Gallery Zozimus,
56, Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.

It's a drawing in charcoal with a glaze of oil paint. The blue is painted in tempera.

It's called 'Saviour II'. You can interpret it any which way that you want but for me it has a very complex and personal, environmental meaning. In so far as we are all a part of the environment and if we don't make ourselves aware of the little parts that make up the whole we are effectively crucifying ourselves and everything else.



Hey Tom,

Just got your newsletter and now seeing your blog. Nice painting. Congratulations on the sale.

Say, why don't you do a limited edition signed print of this piece with us at Lalande Digital Art Press? If you've received interest you can offer it to more people... It's a smart work.


Matthew Rose /

Ellen said...

How big was that painting Tom?

Tom J. Byrne said...

Hi Ellen
It was 54cm (w) x 64cm(H).
Part of a series at this stage. I need to post more on this blog. Will do so next week.