Monday, February 04, 2008

Portrait in tempera

To zoom in on the details in this painting click here.

Here's a photo of a painting that I did in two sessions last week. The first layer is a tempera and the second is oil. One over the other. The basic ingredients of the tempera and the oil are the same. Except that the tempera has the egg added. You do it all yourself, from dissolving the resin, mixing the ground pigment to thickening the oil in the sun for a few weeks. It's that process of being in touch with the materials that makes the painting very personal.

The model was very pleased with the painting too and took a photo of me at work. He's asked me not to post a photo of him beside it but I'm sorely tempted. Anyway here is the painting. It's not finished. There is more to do on it but I want the current paint to dry first, in a couple of weeks.


Ellen said...

Great stuff, love your work Tom.

rgds ellen

Tom J. Byrne said...

Thanks Ellen. Had a look at your blog. great!! Very funny. Not as funny as your husbands of course but really funny.

Great progress in the painting too. The latest ones are my favorites.