Sunday, September 04, 2011

Updates & the art of drawing

Right now, I'm snowed under with projects and organisation. There is a remarkable amount of planning and preparation involved in being an artist. In order to have the free time to actually work in the future, you have to plan now. So that's what I'm doing at the moment.

However, when I'm finished with, or at least, have gotten the majority of the things which I have to, organised and complete, I plan on treating myself to a trip to a couple of exhibitions. Here's one that looks extremely interesting and it promises to be in a calm location.

There is an exhibition of drawings by Rembrandt in the Institut NĂ©erlandais, 121 rue de Lille, Paris. It's on show till the 2nd of October 2011. It's a show worth seeing. Here is a link to more information.

If I were in London right now, I'd be planning to visit the show of drawings by Degas, at the Royal Academy. His drawings of ballet dancers are showing there until the 17th of September. Well worth a visit.

Both artists found their ability to express rooted in their marvelous and distinctive drawings. So many great artists can be recognised by their hand when they draw and a signature is almost unnecessary. Despite the fact that Rembrandt had up to 50 students and all worked closely together, the style of drawing is so different between them despite the fact that the students were learning exactly the same methods etc. The artists expressed their creative energy using the humble medium of drawing, in very different manners. Each one drawing out something unique from themselves in the process.

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