Friday, October 07, 2011

Wall Street Protestors

This is my reply to an artist who dismissed the actions of the Wall Street Protestors. You can read her comment below:

by sandy mcneal

Fuck off you bunch of miserable slackers! You give the appearnce that all artists are a host of mooching sucks who could never make it in the real world. Use all the quotes you want, the reality is that you have no concept of reality and I wouldn’t associate myself nor my art with an effort like yours. It’s time the play-date party got a reality check and quit living off your parent’s dime or the government dole!

My reply:

This is a vital event in the life of the flailing American social and political body, which was virtually dead intil this point.

An electric shock treatment. An injection of adrenalin. A sudden waking up and switching off of the media lie. An eyes wide open, consciousness of the manipulation which tells us, it is patriotic to do nothing, to not question, to lie to ourselves.

Wakefullness. Learning to resist. Choosing. Refusing to comply with fulcrums of financial muscle who exercise no social consciousness.

If a corporation is a person, what kind of person are they? What kind of person rises to the top of such a being! With such people in such positions, no other environment, other than this, could or can exist. It will always repeat itself as long as thinly veiled psychopaths are rewarded with authority. Others will envy them, climb to the top, repeat the cycle.

Corporation must come to an end or be reborn, with a new structure, new desires, goals and obligations.

If it is a person, it should be a person you would welcome into your own home. Not someone you would tolerate as long as they are separated by walls and a fence.

Employees should not be obliged to have split personalities, to go to work. They should not feel repulsed by the structure within which they work and which they keep alive.

Success should not be doomed to create misery from the very start. But now, no other ultimate outcome is possible, when it is populated by an army of people trained from birth to make profit over people, over environment, over peace.



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