Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Exhibition and public talk, We are 'How' we read.

I'm having an exhibition this thursday and I'm giving a talk. So it's wobbly knees time.
I'll be fine :)

It's hosted by the American Library in Paris. Near the Champs de Mars and la tour Eiffel.
There is one theme to the exhibition and another to the talk.

The exhibition is about books and reading. I'm communicate what happens when written words pass into us, helping us develop empathy & hopefully integrate themselves into our knowledge while at the same time, engaging emotions. How we read, creates or diminishes us. Our internal world is that which distinguishes one human being from another and that is what I hope to get across with the paintings.

The talk is entirely different. After a brief explanation of the exhibition, I will speak about what is involved in opening an art gallery in Paris.


The American Library. 10, rue du Général Camou, 75007 Paris
Thursday, 5th of April,

19h30 (aka) 7.30pm.

You are invited to the vernissage of "You are how you read". An exhibition of paintings on the theme of reading. A dying art form. The exhibition will appropriately be held in the American Library in Paris and the vernissage is this coming Thursday, 5th of April, at 7.30pm.

There is a wine reception, followed by a talk on how to open an art gallery in Paris.

The exhibition runs till the 13th of May 2012.
After the vernissage, visits are restricted to members of the library and people with day passes. If you need one, please get in contact and it can be arranged.


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