Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Art en Capital

The entrance.

Yong Man Kwon, from south Korea now living in the south of France.

View of Korean works and statues by Yvone Cleragerue.

I also visited Art en Capital yesterday. It took place in the Grand Palais des Champs Elysees, Paris.
This is an annual event. An exhibition of artists who are not represented by galleries and who live and work in the centre of Paris.
The first thing that strikes you is the enormous number of artists that are in Paris who are eager to exhibit but who are not represented. The exhibition had several hundred artists. It's very confusing to see this exhibition because there is no jury process and as such you have very good work placed beside not very good work. On the other hand, as the organisers say, the public decides what is good or not.

If you want to, you can reserve an entire 9m stand for your work which protects it from landing beside the work of someone that won't compliment it. It's a bit expensive but as there are thousands of art buyers attending the investment is a good one and great marketing. A lot better value than a particular, Irish art fair, at half the price.

There was some terrific work there. Particularly from visiting Asian artists. Their levels of skill and focus are impressive. In huge contrast with European artists there is an energy and daring in the work that is very strongly restrained. It feels like a wild horse that has been, barely tamed and is only holding itself back enough to perform for a particular moment. Unlike a lot of European art where the artists almost seem bored or going through the motions in their work.

The Asian artists have a lot of academic background and training yet they also have this fierce energy to get out there and express something bigger, better, brighter and stronger. Bursting out of the restraints of their academic training and using that famous focused intensity.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased at the your article^^
this is painter yong-man KWON
but i want to let you know about me, I came from Korea(south) and I live in south france,it's already 10years^^

Anonymous said...

ca fait pleasier de voir votre bloc^^
je suis yong-man KWON
qui vous paler " enchanté"
parcontre il y a des information à réctifé je suis origine Coréén et actuellement je suis Française
on tous cas je vous remerci^^