Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Drawing Portraits

Last evening was busy. I drew portraits for four hours in a private dinner for doctors and others who work in the medical profession. It took place in Hotel Prince de Gallesth on Avenue George V.

There were about fifty guests all connected in some way to the medical profession. We had a great time. I enjoyed doing the portraits and got a good response from the people there. Brilliant fun. It's surprising how when you are doing the right thing for you that you just don't get tired. I had more energy at the end than I had before I got there. Or maybe that was the champaign.

Today and for the rest of the week I am in Palais de Congress in Place de la Porte Maillot to draw portraits of doctors and marketing people. It is to attract more attention to the stand of OrbusNeich, a large Dutch company specialising in the development of tools for coronory proceedures. http://www.orbusneich.com

They wanted an artist at the stand because they have a theme that is developed around creativity and painting.

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