Monday, May 29, 2006

End of one intense period and into another.

It's been very busy again. I've finished a very intense demanding project.

However, now I have to concentrate on finishing the paintings I began two weeks ago. They are for the client on Avenue Wagram and are very important for a lot of reasons.

On the 7th of June there is a very large project starting which will last a month and a half so everything has to be out of the way for that.

In place of anything else to say here's a photo of the studio where I work.
On the left are some of the paintings I've been working on. Behind them, the computer where I am sitting now and to the right the work bench with my paints etc.

I took this photo while levitating on the ceiling. It's always happening. I do some meditation and the next thing I find, I've floated up onto the ceiling. Shish!


mcaplan said...

I love a nosey glimpse into other artists work spaces! Thank you for sharing this birds eye view!

Ellen Byrne said...

Levitaing! Ah! You've let your secret out of the bag!