Monday, May 15, 2006

We all live in a metal submarine

The submarine guide which we will be using for the wall of the apartment.

It's drawn to scale. The original which the client saw was drawn in pencil so that it would be easy to make adjustments to, while we discussed the content. This drawing (created digitally) is for the other artist who I will be working with as much as anything else.

While she is laying in the wall colours and metalic effects I will be working on the paintings which will be seen through the portholes. Then when I have completed those we will work together on the creating of shadows and highlights on the pipes and the metals, getting them to shine and have the correct shadows for the light that will enter the room.

There will be a painting of a cat at the base of the wall. He's standing guard against maurading mice and is based on the family cat. Who in reality lives across the street in the families other apartment.

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