Friday, May 19, 2006

EuroPCR congress in Paris, 19th May 2006

The Congress is over now and all the doctors have gone home. It was quiet an event and my definitions of luxury have been adjusted upwards. Some stands at the congress were over 8 millions euros, just for a week. The doctors were pretty hard working and the companies were there to woo them to their products.

OrbusNeich staff are sincere about what they make. I overheard some discussing how lives could be saved if they could just get the doctors to be aware of their applications. It's not how we visualise sales folk discussing getting product on the shelves.

As soon as a client entered the OrbusNeich stand and spoke to the sales staff I began drawing their portrait. Most were doctors. Some were what were called 'hero' doctors. There were especially important to do portraits of as they were highly respected in their field. The congress is the most important for Europe but most doctors whose portraits I drew came from all over the world. Indonesia, Japan, the USA, China, Holland, Switzerland, Turkey, Pakistan, and Palestine among others.

I knew that I was doing well though when a que of women formed for portraits on the last day. I had intended focusing only on the clients of OrbusNeich but they didn't seem to mind me doing the portraits of anyone who wandered in.

It was a hard week. Very tiring but very exhilerating too. Most days when I went home my hands were shaking and that was from how much energy I felt rather than tiredness.


bird's eye view said...

Heard about your medical congress project on the AOI site a couple months ago.
Glad to hear it turned out so well for you. The portraits you've put up here look great.

Tom J. Byrne said...

Hi and thanks
It was a great experience. Met loads of interesting people. Talked too much as usual though. I should learn to shut up and look enigmatic.

Gretel said...

Hi Tom - I love your portraits, I find this a really difficult thing to do, so will be studying your technique for tips!

Ellen Byrne said...

Hey Tom!

The portraits are terrific! I can't imagine the pressure at such times! Well done! BRAVO