Monday, May 22, 2006

Time off

I'm working on some paintings at the moment for a client in Avenue Wagram (subtle plug there). It's been three days so far so I decided to take some time off to visit a friend who has soirees in Paris, on the ile Saint Louis. The speaker this evening was Janine Di Giovanni, a war correspondant who is driven in her work.

She reminds me of my wife Amelie in her drive to set up a school for Montessori despite the odds.

While listening to her speak about her experiences and the book that she has written I did her portrait. Her book is called 'The Place at the End of the World'.

She was kind enough to inscribe a copy for my brother Matthew. I think it's the kind of book that he would enjoy. It's a hard one to put down and I suspect it may have a few dog ears on it before this copy gets to him. Worth reading and she's a really decent person. No airs or graces about her. Just down to earth. It's published by Bloomsbury.


lorna said...

Beautiful portrait. I love your use of hatching and the sensitive quality of your line. It isn't many people that could do such a great drawing whilst someone is moving about and speaking. Very cool. :o)

Gordon Fraser said...

Excellent line work Tom! A really nice image sir!

(Is that you on the photo below? I always imagined you as a green frog for some reason! ;]

Tom J. Byrne said...

Thanks Lorna
I got a lot of practice lately and want to keep my hand in.

Hi Gordon
Ha, yes that's me. I'm really frog like when you get to know me.


Ellen Byrne said...

Very sensitive portrait, here. The author and her book sound very intriguing. Thanks for including the publisher, I plan on purchasing a copy!

Jonathan Williams said...

Beautiful portrait, Tom, you make it look effortless.